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Thank you all for your replies.

I did a mistake when generating the above image: the chart is actually correct but the time written there (12:39 am EET) is not. I just corrected that.

The correct chart data is Feb 17, 2005, 12:39 am GMT or 2:39 am EET, Tirgu Mures, Romania (24e34, 46n33).

This chart data gives the correct 8Sag19 Ascendant for the start of this forum, which represents the birth of this wonderful community.

Sorry for this error and being the cause of confusions. Sorry Draco! :sorry:

Kite: look at Mercuries - they're in sextile!

C1: nice link, interesting read; thanks!

Draco: yes, this was on purpose, but not for this site. I had a site on love & relationships and I needed a moment to start a forum - that's why Venus is trine Jupiter. After installing that forum, I thought that maybe it was a good moment for an astrology forum too, as Mercury was conjunct Uranus and the Sun was in Aquarius. So it happened.
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