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Unread 02-28-2006, 01:48 AM
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Hi Beth,

Download AstroWin in seconds, and you just enter whatever number that you fancy instead of having to mess about on AD.

AstroWin is reliable by the way, in case you saw my post where I questioned it, it's just I was entering the wrong timezone, as I'm prone to do. *groans* :roll:

I get easily baffled by the simplest of things, I'm sure it's to do with my fishy ascendant. :?

When you download AstroWin and have the icon on your desktop, click it, enter your chart details, 'OK' it, click on 'Wheels', click on 'Natal', then from the list it provides choose 'Harmonic' which is the 17th one down from the top. Then you put in any number, 11, 30, 666, 1000, 12345 - and you have your harmonic chart for any number you like.

Saves messing about on AD.

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