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Re: Worried about my future, feel blocked....

Oh, Self esteem is strongly connected to achievements and miscarriages. The sad thing is that this two do not depend completely of us. Sometimes other people have something to do with them, specially in job.

I see the main problem here are the transits to your 10th ruler Sun and 2nd Jupiter. They are natal strong: Sun in Aries, and Jupiter in Pisces.
So your money ruler is basically in a good position, so you wont have problems generating your own money.

The ruler of your 10th is the Sun, Uranus just conjunct it and Mars opposed it in the near past. So that was disrupting for you, it creates a feeling of loosing control of your Sun (career matters).

Jupiter is now being conjuncted by Neptune. This makes stronger the effects of your natal Neptune in the 2nd, and the same for money opportunities.

I say is temporary.

Sorry for my english, I am latin american.
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