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Re: Lesbian aspects

I'm not sure how Mercury could manifest into that. I would see Venus/Uranus/Mars/Sun before Mercury. I haven't looked at the chart much but this post made me think of it. Her mars square Uranus like you pointed out could be it. I'm not sure what else in the chart points to it though. I wonder if her moon opposite her Venus makes her feel unattached to love and relationships. She's only had one serious relationship so she's never been relationship oriented. She actually likes being alone.

Placements that come to mind are an Aquarius 8th, Uranus in the 8th, Maybe mars in the 8th only if it is aspecting Uranus. Or ruler of the 8th being aspected by Uranus. Ellen DeGeneres has Uranus in Leo opposite her Venus and sun in Aquarius. So Uranus opposing its own sign.
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