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Re: Does he like me?

Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
If we want to know if he will coming back, we have to know how his feelings are towards you. That's why your current question could be answered with your first chart! You don't have to cast another chart for the same matter.
Moon receives venus by exaltation. Sun is in venus' term and detriment. He still cares about you but there is something he doesn't like as well. The sexual attraction is still there. However he doesn't love you anymore like he did when sun was in Libra and moon in aquarius. Perhaps he is hurt.Nevertheless he is not doing necessarily bad without you.
Your current question is answered by the first chart. Refer to it here.

You as Saturn and him as Sun have no reception, positive or negative, so it's all pretty lukewarm.
There is strong mutual negative reception, though, between you as Moon and him as Sun. All of this with Moon void of course and its first aspect after changing sign being a square to Venus.
This does not appear to be the kind of emotional foundation one would seek out to form or re-form a relationship.

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