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Re: Can/Does horary show the whole picture?

Originally Posted by kalinka View Post
Which planets are his significators? He is represented by the 7th house. So his significators are venus and sun, yours are mars and moon. Only moon's conjunction to jupiter gives the Yes for the question. Venus and Mars are in mutual reception (rulership), which indicates that he likes you in the same way you like him. Even Sun is in Mars' rulership. So he is very attracted to you. Both sun and venus in your first house. I think he is head over heels for you.
Thanks for your answer Kalinka! I was using Jupiter as his significators as 5L (used 5H since we are not dating and it would be considered a very casual romance at this point). If 7H is to be used, making Venus and Sun his sigs, does Jupiter only come into play because of it being benefic? I hope my question makes sense, Iím trying to get as much practice as I can with horary to better understand 🙂
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