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Re: 2019 Solar Return

Thanks for the ray of hope. I created a horary chart about a week before that interview and I asked if a new job was coming soon. I got a pretty strong yes, which I assumed was this job since the interview went so well. Guess I misread that chart!

I just donít know how much longer I can hold out at this job. I am SO TIRED of the abuse and double standard. I was very qualified for this job and I thought the Chief really liked me. I sent a thank you email to him afterwards, and he actually responded, thanking me for interviewing for the position, and telling me my interview went very well. I have to admit, I felt like he was implying that I got the job. Who responds to a thank you email? Misread that as well, I suppose.

I just donít understand why I am always being punished, and punished rather severely at that. So yeah, feeling rather persecuted at the moment as this is not a one time thing, but rather an ongoing (for a good 10+ years) streak of working twice as hard and not even getting half as much. I had long ago convinced myself never to get my hopes up for anything because the disappointment just wasnít worth it. I let this interview fool me into thinking something good was coming, that hard work actually does pay off. Wonít make that mistake again.
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