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Re: What Career to Pursue at 52?

Originally Posted by SBull View Post
Seems I have to start a new life. Lost my whole life (Job, marriage, kids, money) after a chain of events that started with a small accident and a relatively simple injury like a leg fracture on the morning of March 29, 2008. Currently surviving on a sibling helping me out, but I have to start earning. Not exactly sure what I should be pursuing, and do not have the money to get help from a professional astrologer. Any help on my question here would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!
With the ruler of your 10th in the 3rd and conjunct Uranus, ruler of the 3rd in the 10th and the ruler of your 2nd in the 11th... I'd say ultimately you could be successful with technology, particularly communications technology. How that could manifest is worth brainstorming, perhaps buying and selling technology like cheap mobile phones, learning core technological skills and hosting your own classes or something like that. But perhaps that's something to aim for in the future after you find your feet or maybe something you could do on the side while you work another job for awhile.
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