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Re: What Career to Pursue at 52?

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
What did you do previously? What kind of education and training do you have? Did your accident affect your ability to work, or was it just temporary injury? Is there work you've done before but are now physically unable to do, or when you say you have to start over, is it for other reasons? What ideas do you have for a new career?

That information is vital to a career reading. Birth charts show such a wide range of possibilities that there's no way anyone could give you career advice with just the chart and no life story details.
Thank you for asking. The injury was temporary and I was able to walk without crutches within 7-8 months. It did not affect my job directly. It led to bringing a certain deceptive person into my life that led to a lot of heartbreak (for many,) and a complete transformation of my life.

I never had a set career prior to this job. I was working as a sales coordinator (out of necessity, not out of choice,) in a leading company abroad. After coming back, I was unable to find a job in the industry I had been working in. I went into depression....

The reason I asked the career question is because my life never really took off. I never was able to live up to my potential. Certainly there must be at least one career path wherein I could shine. I tried teaching, and although I was a good teacher, I could never succeed because I could not maintain classroom discipline; I tried speculating in stocks but only lost money. I am a passionate and very able fisherman, well known in my community. I tried to make a career in fishing but luck favors me only occasionally.

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