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Re: The 2 strongest, most powerful signs, and their decans

Your statement; Lol, sure we can say itís fact just to satisfy your ego needs< You absolutely misunderstand me. I have no "ego needs" to be expressed on a forum. I am here for the astrology.

Again; You never wrote Aquarians lack depth? if I'm mistaken, Id like to know.

Exactly who said Aq & Sc need to feel powerful? That seems more within the province of Leo, Taurus, Aries, Capricorn- generally speaking.

By your criterion, someone who is powerful would never be robbed, bullied, put in prison, or raped. History contradicts this. There may be no refusal voiced at all. It may be as simple as walking away, packing a bag, or lighting a fuse.

Unless I'm mistaken, you seem to imply you have experience, and even delight in the act of overpowering others. If this is something you indeed possess, are you inviting prospective subjects into your realm, or is this just odd semantics?

It bears stating for the sake of the countless "junkies and hookers and masochists" suffering in this world, judging those who cannot control their fates neither elevates or helps anyone.
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