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Re: need help understanding current aspect with transit neptune...

Mon etoiles, are you familiar with an ephemeris? It works like a train timetable- for planets.

The signs shouldn't affect when you feel a transit-- it would go by what natal planet a transiting planet is pinging. Some astrologers do not count out-of-sign aspects, but I do. An in-sign aspect would be something like Mars at 0 degrees Aquarius and Jupiter at 3 degrees Gemini. The aspect is not exact, but the orb of 3 degrees is close enough. Both planets are in air signs. An out-of-sign aspect would be something like Mars at 0 Aquarius and Jupiter at 29 Capricorn. Here the orb is even tighter, but there's a mix here with a fixed air sign and a cardinal earth sign.

In-sign aspects work like this:

conjunct: same element and quality (modality, like cardinal, fixed, or mutable.)

trine: same element (like both planets in earth, air, fire, or water signs.)

square: same quality

opposition, sextile: planets are in earth +water, or in air + fire signs. For example, 0 Aquarius (air) opposes 0 Leo (fire.)
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