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Re: need help understanding current aspect with transit neptune...

I find that with a transit from a major outer planet like Neptune, I'm liable to feel it approaching from 2-3 degrees before the conjunction becomes exact. But once the transiting planet separates it seems to be over within 1-2 degrees. Unless the planet is going to turn retrograde (reverse) and hit your natal planet again (and even 2 more times.) Transiting Neptune, IMO, is just too far out from your natal sun to be considered conjunct so far as transits go. However, it may be pinging on something else in your chart.

This is different than natal astrology, where the sun's orb is usually considered to be 10 degrees, or even a bit more.

In terms of a conjunction natally or by transit, I guess you know it if you feel it, but the orbs have been worked out by a lot of professional astrologers.
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