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Re: Playlist of the Week(music)

plz dont be dead for too long
I was trying to sneak off with the On Vacation avatar I made...this one works better I suppose.
I will be dead for a while...

I'm taking a vacation.

From Howl.

where we hug and kiss the United States under our bedsheets the United States that coughs all night and won't let us sleep

I need to get some rest....

Things are crazy...
I'm just taking an overdue break that i said I was going to months ago...
I feel like **** lately and I need to address it without adressing it..if that makes sence.

I'd rather do it then talk about it.
So I'll be offline for a while.

The world has been surprising me lately....don't know what emoticon to use...I think ti's supposed to keep me busy so I don't accomplish what I am set out to do......I think things are purposly ******* with me..trying to get me to alter course...I think allot of odd things right now.(laugh)
I'm taking a break.......nothing I have to say lately makes any sense...I'm just going to take a break hopefully without sinking....see what happens..
I'm sort of like a boat with allot of holes right now...if I keep moving I don't sink as fast...but I have to keep the throttle on high.....let of the throttle or stop, and water gushes through the open holes..and you notice they are there....andt they take attention.....
It's easier to patch up holes when your not that is what I am up to. Patching up holes...straitining up loose ends....matching things up......getting rest....going out more....I'm trying to prepare for using half of what i have gather as far as knowledge..but I need to finish a decent self analysis....


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