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Re: Generating Free Images or PDF for Vedic or K.P charts

Originally Posted by HappyHeretic42 View Post
Thank you very much for your thoughtful response. Desperate for more information I paid for a full report from Rapiel Raaj of the KRS Channel on youtube. It is very indepth, however I am still unable to piece together much of the information it provides in a way that I can use.

I have studied the divisional charts but certain nuances must be escaping me completely. It seems as if I have great peripheral vision for others, while I am blind and cannot see what is directly in front of me that I must do for myself. Does this makes sense? This creates a constant self-distrust with making decisions.

I know I am at a crossroad of some kind. There seem to be no options here as things are. Or is it that I do not see them?

A few weeks ago I thought I had some major things figure out, but not so. I am still where I was, undecided and confused.

If I understand what I have read in the attached chart, it would seem I chose to not to work for money in this life and to help people, possibly children with medical concerns or who have been abused or hurt through writing or other communication? However I have no education in either area such that no one has reason to take anything I say seriously. I lack math skills to become a medical professional, as in zero math skills. I can learn those, but recently I was told it would take two years of tutoring I cannot afford to bring me up to college level. I can do this, but I am 54 years old. Getting a medical degree would put me at 60 so this is not a sensible endeavor. The only thing I have ever been very good at was dancing which is far beyond my physical condition now.

What can I do to help people as I am with what I have? Or am I already doing this and do not realize it? What questions can I ask myself to figure this out?

In case anyone is interested, I will attach the chart provided by Rapiel Raaj. Also attached is a cartography map since I can't figure out where on earth I belong. Or am I to continue moving, moving, moving? And thanks to all who help me figure out how to connect these dots and make sense of those things I struggle with.

Has he, youtube astrologer, provided only this software generated report or has he provided his own interpretation. These software predictions are general predictions.
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