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Re: ❤️ praying someone can help me ❤️

Originally Posted by 10ofpentacles View Post
Hello everyone! I’m Matilda. I have recently been looking into my birth chart more in-depth in an attempt to understand myself (and my life( a little better. I’ve been reading and researching it as much as I can but I would really appreciate some clarification, particularly as I’ve read about some of the aspects being ominous. My whole life has been incredibly negative and difficult and it’s really important for me to try and grasp something positive from this.

Hello Matilda,

your whole life being incredibly negative is only 23 years old- and until now mostly full with childhood experience you could yourself not do much about. But please give the rest of your life a chance- this will surely change as you are an adult now and can act for your own an make your own choices for the better.

At first sight your chart doesn't look that difficult you describe it here- with your grand idealistic,enthusiastic energized fire trine.

But in fact 4th house- childhood and mother experience is with sagittarius and jupiter squaring saturn in aries on cusp 8th house really shown as not easy. As well as what you witnessed or co-experienced from the relation ship of your parents and your own father experience as well.

5th house is father experience in childhood, father as your first male principle model role, you will instinctively be influenced from in looking for a relationship and a partner.

With uranus on sensitive critical degree of 0 aquarius and neptune in your 5th house - your father might have been a very individual person and very different from conventional standards and had himself and his actions not always under control. Was perhaps not really avaible for you as a child- lived in his own world an was or felt himself perhaps not really accepted in your family.

Ruler of 4th house - emotional identification and female principle model role and also mother is jupiter and in square with saturn as ruler of 5th- also father. You might have witnessed your parents fighting against each other. Saturn in aries cusp 8th house with mars/pluto correspondence and saturn/pluto correspondence can mean a very aggressive and also violent or obsessive and restrictive energy.

With your scorpio moon in 3rd house and pluto in sagittarius in 3rd house as well you have a deep intuition to feel and recognize/perceive more things other people can do- especially the issues and the true truth under the surface- even they don't tell you a word. What made it surely more difficult for you- but was kinda also a training-class for your antennas and your later lifepath.

Some difficult is that a scorpio moon with pluto in 3rd has an enormous eidetic memory especially for the bad memories and doesn't let go easily what doesn't serve you any more. And tends also to create continously bad black movies on the inner eye of the most worse what could happen.

Scorpio moon has an intensive skill and gift to think in pictures and visions and its emotions can result in kinda a self-fullfilling prophecy because one continously look for any tiny sign to find the inner pictures coming true.

But as you can use a knife to cut your bread or to injure somebody- it is also your choice and in your hands - how to use your gifts and skills for the best and for your personal best.

Call something incredibly bad and it will develop like that and show itself as incredibly bad. But you also can call it different in a way it serves you and your future life more.

Your pluto and your uranus on 0 have a spiritual task brought along into your life - what has already revived and and activated by transiting uranus entering taurus to wake you up and to bring you on your way and to expand your wisdom (9th house - education house and house of faith).
Uranus rules your 6th house- work and health.

3rd house is also siblings- and with pluto in can also show difficult relationship with siblings. Do you have some, Matilda ?

Your second house- your selfesteem and feeling yourself worthy, setting boundaries and protect yourself has chiron in - your personal injury but also your (self) healing potential. Venus as ruler of your 2nd house is conjuncted by black-moon-lilith being on cusp of 12th house and health axis 12/6.

Do you know- whether your mother perhaps lost a child before your own birth ?

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