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Help me move on Please !! Is he interested in me ?

Hi everyone.

I met this man recently who works in the neighborhood I live in. And I cast a horary chart to see if he thinks of me romantically. We have DW Pluto-Venus and Pluto-moon and I have become obsessed with him. I have natal Pluto-Venus so I tend to get obsessed. Unfortunately. Help me move on (if I need to haha) by helping me analyze this horary chart !

The chart:

My interpretation is he is not thinking of me romantically. He is focused on work ( Sig Venus in the 10th) My sig Mars is also in the tenth showing that we usually connect while he is working.

Mars and Venus were conjunct but are now separating. Venus is in its fall but about to change signs to Libra and become an evening star. With the conjunction to mercury and the trine to Pluto, I wonder if he is very interested in another woman and about to enter a new relationship?

I also considered mercury being his coworker who asked me out on a date and who I turned down. Since Mars and mercury were also conjunct but separating. Since that day, I feel they have been avoiding me out of awkwardness. I havenít seen them but Iím sure they have seen me. (Their job requires them to drive around)

His co-sig the Sun is conjunct my sig Mars but Mars is combust. Showing I am more interested ?

Please let me know your interpretations! I appreciate any and all insights! I am a super beginner trying my best to learn as much as I can about horary ! I hope my interpretation is wrong lol ! Thank you!
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