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Originally Posted by helike13 View Post
Scorpio is intercepted in my chart. The house cusp is in Libra.

In my natal chart applying but in my secondary progression separating since Mars turned direct. In my life I feel Saturn overpowers Mars.... Even in Scorpio. The orb is 240'.

They touch almost everything in my chart. Trine my Moon, sextile my Jupiter, oppose my Mercury, trine my ascendant, quincunx my Sun and Venus, trine my MC.... And square my Part of Fortune.
We are considering the radix. So, Mars is intercepted, ultimately applies to Saturn but is Rx at birth, with an orb of -240'?

Each and all of these conditions contains a good deal of information about you, and Mars-Saturn. Now comes study of the literature, to see what each of these conditions implies, then synthesis within your own mind.
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