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Re: Does Via Combusta apply on natal charts, too?

'...Via Combusta spans the signs
where the luminaries experience their 'fall',
which many have pointed to
as source for its malefic reputation.
However, when tropical zodiac was introduced 6th century BC,
Vernal Equinox was not firmly established
but among early degrees of Aries.

Older authorities placed it at 15th degree, so possibly
a symbolic association attached itself
to region extending from 15th degree of Libra,
as the area of the Sun's seasonal 'death' at the Autumn Equinox.

Certainly, name suggests connection with being 'hidden'
and amongst the Egyptians, all connected with
absence from visible world,
(including deceased men and stars disappearing from view,
either by falling beneath the western horizon
or entering into helical setting), were considered to
enter dark, uncharted region of Duat....'
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