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Re: Does Via Combusta apply on natal charts, too?

Originally Posted by helike13 View Post

Scorpio is intercepted in my chart. The house cusp is in Libra.

In my natal chart applying
but in my secondary progression separating
since Mars turned direct.

In my life I feel Saturn overpowers Mars
.... Even in Scorpio. The orb is 240'.
They touch almost everything in my chart.
Trine my Moon, sextile my Jupiter, oppose my Mercury, trine my ascendant
quincunx my Sun and Venus, trine my MC
.... And square my Part of Fortune.
'...All ancient astrologers placed greatest significance upon heliacal risings and settings
and ancient Mesopotamian astrology was also heavily predisposed to
observance of these planetary phenomena.
The Egyptians recorded it more widely
with their attention spread to all stars and constellations.
A star's heliacal setting was envisioned as a form of death
with its period of invisibility regarded as a time of imprisonment
in Duat, the Underworld, a place where it faced a perilous journey
of transformation and renewal.
Its emergence in the east, in its heliacal rising, was hailed
as its rebirth, when it arose refreshed to begin a new life cycle....'

'.With this image in mind we understand derivation of
traditional astrological terms 'combust'
and 'under the Sun's beams' as signifying greatest fear,
imprisonment, impotency or death.
A planet combust was hidden, unable to exert influence
undergoing a state of transformation.
In 13th century text of Guido Bonatus
we see similarity between mythological perspective of Egyptians
and traditional interpretation of combustion.
He explains that a planet combust
has no strength in signification:
The fortunes when combust and under Sun's beams, signify none,
or very little good;
and the infortunes in like case have little or no virtue to signify ill....'
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