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Re: Will I get promoted?

You are Mars, combust the Sun, conjunct the MC.

I would say you might be blinded by the light right now, and maybe you shouldn't get too ahead of yourself.

You just got this job, probably don't know if you like it much, or even want to be the one to be promoted in 6 months time.

The Ascendant in this chart is 28 degrees. A shift is coming. I'd suggest that you take a bit of time to sit back, acclimate yourself to this new position, and see how things are going.

By jumping in and asking about the future competitive outcome between you and your new workmate, before you even establish a working relationship, it could be debilitating to your overall flow on the job.

Just my opinion, based upon the Mars being burnt by the Sun and the placement right on the MC, bringing in a competitive urge simultaneously.
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