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Will I get promoted?


I just got a job through a temp agency. It isn't an ideal position, as I have a degree in another field but haven't had luck landing jobs in my field due to lack of work experience in such positions. I went to a temp agency for help and the recruiter told me she wanted to place me here temporarily just so that I can have some income coming in while she continues looking for something more suitable.

The lady at the job told me that we (me and another girl there from the same temp agency) will be there for 6 to 8 months (assuming we do well) and that it is POSSIBLE (but can't be predicted) she may move up to manager position in that 6-8 months and that one of us may take her current role. I asked if I will get promoted to her current role.

I'm Pluto (but retrograde) and the job is Mercury in the 10th, they are in a positive aspect. Additionally, Moon positively aspects Pluto, but it is in Scorpio, where it is in its fall. My co-worker (and possibly competition) is Venus in Virgo, where it is in its fall. But it is in the 10th house and conjuncts Mercury.

What could that mean? Does my co worker have a better chance?

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