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Re: Would this be a VOC moon?

Thanks to ElenaJ and IleneK for answering the real question! And, folks, please stick to answering the actual question, in your own words, whether it's in this thread or any other. I just deleted a VERY LONG post that consisted entirely of quotes, none of which answered the question I asked, plus a post that quoted that whole post. Moderator privilege, exercised.

Furthermore, we have some very specific forum rules about quotes in posts:

- The quote has to be no longer than 100 words, with the source cited. This rule actually was followed in the deleted post--while it was many quotes, they were all short enough and cited. However, the other rules were not:

- The meat of the post has to be your own words. A quote may be used to back up what you have to say, but your whole post can't consist of the quote(s). The deleted post had nothing at all in it that was really the poster's own words.

- Finally, no more than 3 quotes in the same post are allowed. There were WAY more than 3 quotes in that post.
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