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Re: Questions about Grand Cross

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
I would think that an excellent manner to consider whether you have only a fixed square OR a workable grand cross is how the recent transit of Uranus (if you use the outer planets) from end Aries (conjunct Mercury) into Taurus (opp. Moon) mentally and emotionally affected you, and the involvement of/with natal Jupiter -Saturn. Uranus can bring about mental stress through a necessity of change approaching but that is initially not wished for.
Thanks for your great response! Honestly I'm not sure how the current Uranus opp. Moon is affecting me, I'm not really feeling much of anything that I can connect back to that transit. But the Uranus conjunct Mercury transit showed up for sure, through a rebirth of active communication with online friends, and even people online in general. And I made some new friends. I'm not sure how to think of it beyond that tbh. I guess there's been some mental restlessness too, but that could just be how I am anyway.

It didn't feel as strong as when Uranus was on my Sun four years ago, that was something that definitely came like a bang and I really felt it LOL.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
IF Mercury makes up a grand cross it will be your thought pattern and how you verbally express yourself (Mercury) that is the instigator (or not) of attempting to bring some movement into the what you called 'feeling stuck' of the Fixed T-square.
I feel like it's in the expression, yes. Lately it's definitely also been about getting around (volunteering, visiting new places etc.). It's as if I need that to help loosen up the fixed-ness and when it's time to come home, literally or figuratively, it's back to feeling stuck.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Do you consider that Mercury's expression of emotional issues helps in 'calming down' and providing a 'stability' (Fixed), or does the lack of mental expression (stuck in the head) keep you on the fixed wheel of emotional discontent?
That's an interesting question. Communication tends to help. I don't think it necessarily provides stability, it's more like... My Moon in Scorpio is very brooding and intense and needs an outlet. And having the Mercury energy on the other end means it's beneficial for me to communicate it at times, even if obviously my Moon & Mercury are imbalanced.

Definitely agree with the last part. I'm very mercurial but it sort of keeps me stuck too. I have a lot of aspects with Mercury.

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
You may 'feel' its effects more because your Moon, ruler Cancer, makes such harsh aspects in the chart. You do not mention whether your sister's Moon makes harsh aspects. If you have discussed it with her (Aries versus Libra effect ???), you may hear that she emotionally experiences to have lived in a totally different family to you.
That's a very good point too. To my surprise, my sister's Moon mostly has "soft" aspects. We share the Moon square Jupiter but other than that, her Moon has trines with Pluto, Chiron and MC (her Cancer Chiron sits right on her Midheaven), sextile with Neptune (she's an artist, very imaginative and original), quintiles with Saturn & Uranus and then a couple of other minor aspects that I don't remember much about.

Her Moon is in Pisces, which obviously adds to the sensitivity, and she's had some unusual experiences as a result of our family history.
We agree on a lot of family-related things but sometimes in conversation she'll bring to light something that I didn't even realize or know about our family dynamics, it's fascinating. I feel like it might be partly her Moon trine Pluto which isn't afraid to explore those family- and past-related depths.
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