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Re: Questions about Grand Cross

Thanks for the replies so far. I knew there was an element of this that was "uncertain" due to Mercury in my pattern being out of modality, and also my sister's pattern involving Chiron, which is not necessarily always interpreted. So I guess I was looking for some clarity, but it may be challenging to get in this situation.

I got a reading from an astrologer recently and he did mention a T-square, rather than a Grand Cross. I guess it's up to interpretation.

As for the "helper planet" waybread mentioned, my Sun is indeed sextile Saturn and trine Jupiter! And then in terms of the Moon-Mercury opposition, my Mars is trine my Moon and sextile Mercury! Interesting how the two helpers in my case are both of rather assertive nature, with Sun being the ego and asserting individuality and Mars asserting masculine energy etc. Even despite having Sun in Aries, I have trouble asserting myself at times and feel "stuck" in the Fixed energy of my pattern.
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