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Re: Questions about Grand Cross

greybeard, astrologers disagree on several of the features of the grand cross, and other aspect patterns.

If you've got a copy of Bil Tierney's book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, check out his p. 91 on the "dissociate grand square." (He also allows chart angles as one point of the grand square, which I find not so helpful.)

One way to more easily mitigate the tension of the T-square and grand cross, is that often there will be a natal planet that sextiles one planet in an opposition, and trines the other one. Everybody will have such a helper-planet by transit. (Called the Point of Thales.)

I sometimes think of the grand cross as "one's cross to bear." It doesn't confer an easy life, but one with tremendous potential for personal growth, as the squared planets continue to exert their pressure on one another.
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