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Re: Questions about Grand Cross

These grand formations (trine, square) derive their special characteristics and powers from the strong emphasis on a single Element or Quality.

A grand cross does not exist here because the 4th arm of the potential cross is Cardinal, not Fixed. The aspects themselves are still valid, but the unbalanced formation is not.

You still have the T-square cross. And maybe that cross-sign opposition will provide a relief valve.

The grand cross is certainly not rare, nor even uncommon.
We see them often enough...a very difficult formation.

Aspect formations represent psychological complexes. I do not assign any pejorative meaning to the word "complex". I simply mean a complex of psychological energies which are consistently interactive, feed off of each other. They may act for good or ill.

The T-square is a tension formation, consisting of an opposition and two squares. So this formation sets up a conflict [the very nature of opposing forces], which can then be resolved by the two squares [whose nature demands constructive action]. The planet at the apex is brought to point focus and its influence in the chart is increased

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