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Re: Questions about Grand Cross

Originally Posted by Matto View Post
I haven't posted on here for a while but I am looking for some insight about the Grand Cross. I suppose this will have two main parts. Also my apologies if I am posting it in the wrong place...

My first question has to do with the "technicalities" of the Grand Cross. Most places I've looked at say that a Grand Cross involves each planet or point in the same modality (Fixed, Mutable or Cardinal).

However, I am wondering about my own pattern where Jupiter is in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius, and both are squaring my Moon near the beginning of Scorpio and my Mercury near the end of Aries. So my Moon and Mercury form an opposition in terms of degrees but Mercury falls outside of the modality - Mercury is Cardinal while Moon, Jupiter and Saturn sit in Fixed signs.

Is this considered a "weakened" Grand Cross? Or is there debate about whether to consider it a Grand Cross at all?

The other part of my question has to do with I guess family dynamics and family karma. I've recently discovered that not only do I have the pattern I've just described, but also my sister has a Cardinal Grand Cross involving Sun in Libra, Mars in Aries, Neptune in Capricorn and Chiron in Cancer.

This struck me because I know the Grand Cross is considered rare, so the possibility of having two in the same family fascinates me. My sister is my only sibling and I feel like her Grand Cross speaks of our family dynamics and struggles with both parents. We both have Chiron in Cancer and this means our "wound" is related to our family and our past. I'm wondering whether the two of us both having these patterns show some kind of difficult family karma that we are going through together as siblings.

Sorry for the wall of text but I would love it if someone shared their insights about this. Thank you!
"I'm wondering whether the two of us both having these patterns show some kind of difficult family karma that we are going through together as siblings."

YES. That is exactly right. You and your sis are in this together. Her 'Cross to bear' is in the Cardinal mode, yours in Fixed. [except your Aries portion.]

She might be more impulsive and take action quicker in response to family drama. You might be more internalised, and hold things in longer and stew on things for awhile. Fixed Grand crosses tend to get overwhelmed and shut down, holding deep resentment. Cardinal Grand Crosses lash out and respond physically and sometimes act before thinking things through.

So you and your sis might need each other, so you can help each other work through these Cancerian Chiron wounds in the best possible way.

She can prod you into making needed changes, instead of feeling stuck and in a deep rut. And you can help her think and talk things through so she can formulate a reasonable response, instead of a knee jerk reaction that makes things more volatile.
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