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Re: How does he feel about me

" But tensions seem to have gotten more intense and I think he has developed feelings for me"

This is due to Venus in applying aspect to the sun, Venus must be getting quite hot under the collar in her position, which is also astrologically referred to as a combustion. The more closer Venus gets the more intense it will feel. And Cancer is a feeling sign, so there will be feelings involved.

Venus prefers being chased by the Sun, which is when she is occidental, but in this case shes oriental, this would be taking away her passive nature, and making her be the one doing the chasing.

Your also in the fall mars/L7 and detriment of Saturn (husband). The square moon makes to jupiter his L5, is not going to bring any intimacy, and its not helping having Neptune placed in this house too, with Sun and Saturn in aspect to it.

Ive been noticing recently that Neptune has been having a say in charts like this kind, so i will include Neptune. Unobtainability is a keyword for Neptune, as thats how things usually work out causing a lot of frustration in the process. And you've got both Sun/Saturn involved in this. Saturns unobtainable because your separated and Suns unobtainable because of your prior commitment to your Husband.

We can also see Sun/Saturn are in an applying opposition, which could be the spoiler alert.

Anyway ive got to go now, so yes he does have feelings for you, things will feel more intense for a while, doesn't look to me like sex will happen, which seems to be because of you being married.
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