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Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post
We can look at the condition of uranus in people's charts and it will always perfectly describe their eccentricity and nothing else. That alone proves uranus is eccentricity.

Uranus is innovative, Saturn is just about discipline and seriousness. Clearly Saturn's function is cardinal by that description. And libra is already the cardinal air. So Saturn MUST be cardinal earth.

Again, look at the condition of uranus in anyone's chart and it will always only describe their eccentricity. So uranus has to be just eccentricity.

Saturns job is to work up the ranks the old fashioned way, which is through hard work and determination. Nothing about trying to establish a better future for anyone other than itself.

Thats why capricorn's constellation is the sea goat. It starts its climb below the sea and climbs up to the mountain top which symbolically represents the top of the social ladder. Goats climb mountains you know and are perfectly physically designed for it.

Cap/Saturn indeed looks into the future but only for its own benefit/gains. Uranus does it for the gains of mankind.
Not really. Saturn is the servant for the highest good. It's a selfless planet not selfish as you described it.

Uranus is not just eccentric. Self limitations. I've seen many Uranian people who are highly imovative and look towards the future. Fun˝ily enough those people have also dominant Saturn/Capricorn.

Those with heavy Aqua only are scattered in their young age and self conceited. Esp people with stelliums. It's a hard energy to grasp. However they too are excited for humanitys growth

10th house deals with the efforts and work you put out in the world. 11rh is the gains from it. So yes that's why Aqua is co ruled by Saturn too. In the end it's matter of open mindendess and perception.

Some people will use the co ruler, others like you won't. Astrology is colorful like the world itself. It's a futile argument.
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