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Question 6 planets in the 1st house in Capricorn?!

Hello All ~ I am a newbie here. I have been researching and trying to teach myself how to read birth charts (for myself, my husbands and 4 grown kids lol). I stumbled across this site from a google search of "what does it mean to have 6 planets in the 1st house". It was here that I learned about Stelliums. Thank you!! I look forward to browsing and learning more. For my first post I would like to request some help from anyone willing to help shed some insight into my middle son's chart. His Sun & Moon are in Capricorn along with Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury.... Jupiter appears to be in opposition to all except Mercury and Jupiter was Retrograde! I don't know if this is VERY challenging, just challenging or maybe a natural balance? His AC is Sagittarius. Thank you in advance!!

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