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Arrow Re: Uranus Transit Through The 7th House

Originally Posted by HarmonE View Post
Hey... just to clarify.... I wasn't suggesting you go back to school. Sorry if it came out like that. Just pointing out how well you used that time of your life to go to school... a perfect fit for the Saturn transit through the first quadrant. It certainly doesn't mean that you can't get a job only that this phase has a quality of inner development more. A building up of sorts
No worries. I misread that anyways.

Funny, I had a tarot reading done for me on Thursday by some lady I know. She flat out told me that she didn't see anything in her cards for me regarding love, it was all about my career. The reading didn't really resonate with me and I got accused of being skeptical after she said she could read my energy and that's what my energy told her. Funny considering I follow astrology and it turns out she didn't believe in astrology after I told her what could happen regarding her relationship (she's also a Scorpio ASC like me). I thought it was only fair since she offered the reading. She got two things wrong and what she guessed correctly had been posted on my Facebook about it since I had her on there. She then tried to tell me to end the friendship with my Uranian male friend that I spoke about earlier, brought up the fact that she had lunch with him last year and I was mentioned in conversation but it was none of her business (why even bring it up? Scratching my head over that) what's going on between the Uranian friend and I, and then proceeded to brag that she was taking mediumship classes and was apparently good at it. I've since removed her from my friends list. I don't do ego and jealousy games like that.

I've had cards read for me a couple of times and they never really resonated. Astrology makes more sense to me than tarot anyways.

Sorry about getting off topic. Back to the 7th house Uranus transit discussion.

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