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Re: Uranus Transit Through The 7th House

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
theoddone, there are all kinds of reasons why someone might be unemployed: being in a highly competitive field, not presenting one's c.v. or self in an interview in the best light, too narrow a job search strategy, poor letters of reference, or subliminally wanting to do something else with your life.

I think the best way to handle Uranus is to look for some kind of liberation in the areas affected by Uranus, by sign, house, and aspects to other planets.

For example, a spouse with a transiting 7th house Uranus doesn't necessarily need a divorce, but s/he might feel more liberated by putting the marriage on a more egalitarian footing, or by taking up a truly new activity with her spouse.

I have an Aquarian Mercury-Venus opposite my Leo moon, just getting hit now by Uranus in Taurus, so I am actively considering ways to incorporate more positive Uranian influences.
Well transiting Uranus is tightly conjunct my 7th house cusp and I'm single. Have been since 2013. I don't see how to positively handle Uranian influences with that since I have no spouse. It will be trining all Capricorn planets in my 3rd House with the exception of my natal Uranus which is in the 2nd house, it's now squaring my 3rd House Aquarius planets, and will be sextiling my 8th house Cancer planet in the next few months. Uranus is also opposing my ASC now. No idea when it's going to oppose my 1st house Pluto.
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