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Re: Uranus Transit Through The 7th House

Originally Posted by theoddone View Post
Getting my degree seems likely that I've already acquired those work-related skills. Still doesn't explain the lack of being able to secure a job though. And thank you for your personal view of a 7th house Uranus transit.
Certainly having Uranus start by squaring itself in 2012 and then continue to square Sun, then Saturn and Mercury a few years later.. could explain the anxious, unsettling way its been for you recently. Then to have Uranus travel the 6th house of health would give a higher chance of unsettled health. But also an opportunity to revolutionize health so any insights in this regard could make a totally refreshed approach to health that you didn't even know was there.

It is a bit curious about the work... Im almost inclined to wonder if you are pursuing the type of skills that are best suited for you? I see a more dynamic possibility for you... Leo on the MC, ruler in the 3rd conjunct Uranus. Aries on the 6th with ruler in the 2nd also in Fire sign of Sag. Is it possible that you might want to be more active than be in a call center or be at a computer all day? Just thoughts...

Love the pendulum chart.... with Jupiter as the handle..

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