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Re: Need help with this

Originally Posted by YonyGursho View Post
Ive realized that a progressed chart isnt necessary to see the fate of the US, seeing as the natal chart alone MUST be reflective of it's entire fate. With that said, it's far easier to see the fate of the US using transits for it in later years or by reading the degrees interpretations for it on

Yony: Try reading this article and see why we may all have been erroneously dependent on the Sibley Sagittarius Rising & Gemini Rising on July 4th. He made excellent points to use an alternative chart:

Please note: IF you have an open mind and want to try this alternative date, Dane R. was the one who rectified the Sibley July 4th to 5:13 PM (reasons all given as to events in the article)

p.s. I don't know where he came up with 12:01AM for the Federal Govt. Chart yet. the article doesn't say.

I used it as a stand alone chart and with DJT on various subjects and it seems to work well for what will be ultimately, this historical time in our country's history., and I cannot argue down his theory either.

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