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Re: Uranus Transit Through The 7th House

Originally Posted by theoddone View Post
Thank you so much, Lin. I'm fairly Uranian myself so another misfit/weirdo might match me perfectly.

I'm definitely ready for my 7th house transit.

Another question related to Uranus in the houses: Could a 6th house Uranus Transit make it difficult for someone to find employment under that transit? I suspect that's the reason why I'm having difficulties with my job search and finding one. :/

The 6th house is often about one's skills so I usually look here when considering suitable jobs. As Waybread said, Uranus is the great liberator. And in many cases it revolutionizes in the process. You are likely trying on different skills and in a way trying to revolutionize this part of yourself, but this is making it hard to secure a job. Interestingly, the ruler of the MC is conjunct Uranus in the 3rd house.

I don't really see Uranus transiting your 7th as being about meeting a Uranian person. It's more about you. Uranus brings some fresh air where things have gone stale. As it moves from below the horizon to above, a whole shift in focus will occur. It will go from opening up personal issues and move to an emphasis on outer issues. In this case, your relationships. But it will likely be more about how you relate to others. Not who comes into your life

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