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Re: Uranus Transit Through The 7th House

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
A simple reading of transits of Uranus in the 7th is relationships that begin or end suddenly-- or both. It could bring a Uranian kind of person into your life. However, the 7th is also the house of "open enemies" so this might be a good time to make friends with Uranus.

Ideally, Uranus is the great liberator. Resisting change makes Uranus feel like unwanted disruption. Ideally, Uranus is like the sense of release you feel when walking outside into the fresh air after spending too long in a closed, stuffy room. Ideally, Uranus is about freedom.

Thanks Waybread. 😊

Will I just know if I've met a Uranian person? I'm pretty Uranian myself (Aquarius Moon/North Node/IC/ Venus, Sun conjunct Uranus, and Uranus sextile ASC). I'd guess that everyone express Uranian traits differently. Also how do I make friends with Uranus?
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