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Uranus Transit Through The 7th House


I've been trying to figure out how a 7th house transit of Uranus works. I am a Scorpio ASC with Taurus on my DSC. Uranus just entered Taurus again for the foreseeable future and I think it's at 1 degrees. My DSC is at 5 degrees. From what I've gathered, unpredictably in relationships is common as well breakups in relationships. Since I am not in a relationship, would I get into one with partner who displays Uranian traits? If anyone has experienced a Uranus transit of this house, I'd like to read your experiences.

Honestly, I'd be glad once Uranus is out of my 6th house. I've had problems with anxiety, two nervous breakdowns, stress manifesting as physical illness, erratic money issues as I was in college earning a degree in computer network operations after two degree changes since 2012 (I wasn't working at all), been unemployed about a year, finally got a job at an answering service and now I don't want to do that job at all and I'll be happier working in IT. I really am ready for Uranus to enter the 7th house. Top it all off, I'm going through my 1st Saturn Return, which probably doesn't help. Lol.
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