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Re: Psychology Condition For 2019

There is some inherent condition in the chart due to two factors primarily.

Challenged moon (emotions). Due to being in the 8th house, which is a house dealing with our psychological issues. Moon is close to eclipse causing Rahu (node). saturn is sesquiquadrate to moon which can be a bit low from time to time.

4th house is house of emotion. Is house of peace of mind.
Saturn in 4th in sidereal scorpio, squaring ascendant.

Node in 8th show that this path of exploring psychological material and the mysteries of mind will be a key issue in this life.


This year will be a bit challenging in this area. Due to transiting pluto and saturn joint transit squaring your moon and node in 8th house.
Important to feel the feelings embracing yourself in all this. And at the same time give yourself space to bee and being detached from the emotional stuff.
You will emerge more mature in this department. Relax worries about sustanance and economy (2nd 8th axis), and romance ( 5th house transits). Keep up the body whith exercise (mars squaring moon) and eating (2nd house) well.
The trine from moon to Uranus in 4th house may be an outlet. This can help you to detach and finding some free space nurturing interests like modern interior design,and technology. Important to have some space where you can retreat and be free and detach from life's inherent complexities.
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