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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Originally Posted by GemwDepth View Post
Let’s do a count. Mars is first, Pluto second.

fritz haarmann: taurus/taurus
charlene gallego: pisces/leo
kristen gilbert: capricorn/virgo
guy georges: leo/virgo
clifford olson: pisces/leo
albert fish: taurus/taurus
dragan cedic: leo/virgo
ivan milat: sag/leo
edward gein: leo/gemini
jeffrey dahmer: aries/virgo
ted bundy: sag/leo
cesar barone: cancer/virgo

I consider this more of a fun, cursury run. I need more subjects for anything serious, 100 would be ideal. I am also using a ton of hidden aspects. Many times it points to a minor talent (in action based ruthlessness).

I think two things prevent the base use of the Mars-Pluto enegy: conscience and success. You may have it, but due to the empathetic/high conscience part of you, the energy may never come out as anything more than spectacular fights. The second criteria is success: those with a high caliber for success (regardless of conscience) have a lot more to lose. They may channel the energy to other deviant ways, but it does not include murder.
I have Mars sextile Pluto in a Yod with the moon. I could never be a serial killer because I'd probably end up committing suicide from guilt if I killed even one person.

I will only accept that the smoking gun has been found when it applies to all the major serial killers as well as most of the others AND the placement/aspect found is not found in the rest of the population at the same rate.

Here is a pretty impressive study testing some common astrological theories about natal charts of serial killers: mutable dominance, 12th "principal" dominance, and moon aspects. Importantly, it uses control groups.

Like all scientific papers, the conclusions she's willing to draw are annoyingly qualified, but it turned out that mutable dominance is a factor, and while Pisces and 12th house dominance aren't significant, hard aspects to Neptune are. The moon aspects thing doesn't pan out. She didn't look for Pluto/Mars as far as I can tell.
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