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Originally Posted by Gemini888 View Post
My Sun and Mercury form an opposition to my Sag Jupiter, so I guess I also have a bit of Sag in me. As the opposite of Gemini energy, Sag wants to question why we know about certain things instead of mindlessly gathering information. And Sag wants to have something to believe deeply in. With my Mercury/Jupiter, I try to find facts around something, and when I'm convinced it's true, I hold onto it.
Hmmm. My Neptune is in Sag and angular, in friction with my Virgo, H1 planets and in harmony with my Leo H12 planets. I think I do my Sag style searching in a solo way that is awash in art and music and culture all sparking in the subconscious. The Sag energy is hard for me to integrate, though, “where the rubber meets the road” or where i begin and the rest of the world ends.
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