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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
In what signs are these mars/pluto aspects, i doubt libra would be one, as mines in libra and im no killer, im as soft as ..
Let’s do a count. Mars is first, Pluto second.

fritz haarmann: taurus/taurus
charlene gallego: pisces/leo
kristen gilbert: capricorn/virgo
guy georges: leo/virgo
clifford olson: pisces/leo
albert fish: taurus/taurus
dragan cedic: leo/virgo
ivan milat: sag/leo
edward gein: leo/gemini
jeffrey dahmer: aries/virgo
ted bundy: sag/leo
cesar barone: cancer/virgo

I consider this more of a fun, cursury run. I need more subjects for anything serious, 100 would be ideal. I am also using a ton of hidden aspects. Many times it points to a minor talent (in action based ruthlessness).

I think two things prevent the base use of the Mars-Pluto enegy: conscience and success. You may have it, but due to the empathetic/high conscience part of you, the energy may never come out as anything more than spectacular fights. The second criteria is success: those with a high caliber for success (regardless of conscience) have a lot more to lose. They may channel the energy to other deviant ways, but it does not include murder.

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