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Re: Struggling in every possible area.

updated - what about?

in case introspection can promote self-reflections and self-discovery,
overcoming weaknesses and building on strengths, and the remedial actions :

sun virgo asc impressive intellectual personality,
critical thinking/attitude, perfectionist.
good for audit-quality control-editorial roles.

venus scorpio 3rd secretive, pharmacy aptitude-anesthetics etc

moon-rahu North node aries 8th hyper-impulsive impulsive, sudden in action,

moon-rahu 8th
prayers for welfare of ancestors,
wear brown hessonite over pendant;
observe fast No-moon evenings, taking fruit and milk or as per custom.
observe death anniversaries religiously;

all planets dark half tending to be introvert and reserved,

sat now 2.5yr transit own cap 5th over elevated mars,
promotes advisory-admin-event management roles,
amidst stress-struggle same time, sat-mars.
observe fast sat evenings;

sat cap elevated aspect libra-mer 2nd promoting family-finances

while ketu separative SNode coming 1.5yr transit mars-cap,
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers tues mornings;

inimical jup year had transit own sag-sat 4th,
prospects for employment and property matters, advisory-legal roles,
but under stress-delay;

prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers thurs evenings

wishing well, in case prompts further helpful reflections and actions,
viable ideas to pick from in case appeal and possible,

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