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Arrow Re: Struggling in every possible area.

Originally Posted by kshantaram View Post

moon-rahu 8th rise-fall in life, depression,

all planets dark half tending to be introvert and reserved,

sat 9th from moon aries settling life late at 36+
while elevated mars lord 9th could initiate growth process at 28+.

jup lord 9th from moon for luck retro reviewing-delaying things,

sat now 2.5yr transit own cap 5th over elevated mars,
promotes advisory-admin-event management roles,
amidst stress-struggle same time, sat-mars.
while may negate employment prospects? seeking change but stuck;
observe fast sat evenings;

wishing well, in case prompts further helpful reflections,


What's all about? About settling life 36+ yo? Delayings,Depression,stress/strugles,stuck etc?
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