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Originally Posted by rahu View Post
more exactly.... the node is the energy that the astral dream states use. the node is not really limited to any specific attribute but rather it is the main spring of the various planets/arms of the astrological clock... so you have perceptively pointed out that I was a bit sloppy in attributing dreams solely to the node which was not my intention. Uranus is the vehicle that most closely rule dreams in general and again the node is the energy connection to other planes and mental states.

you have a clear distinction between non-heredity sleep and heredity sleep that belies that you must have some professional understanding of this distinction that I do not.
could you explain the difference between non heredity sleep and heredity sleep?


I read and understood your own interpretation of the nodes which is slighlty different from how I interpret it, as SN is the 'here and now' and NN is the 'past and future' both draw symbolic energy that we can both agree, on.

Only do I have, a clear distinction in method of how to process the difference of the two in a medical form. I place certain hereditary sleep as ancestral because anthropology - mythology have called it many different names that essentially translate to the modern medical terms a few Ive already mentioned above. Cultures know what it looks like, what is and what to do in terms of what I call the ancestral form of dream.

Wish you well.
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