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Re: Is my chart unlucky?

Hi again denizkizi.

You are young and perhaps do not have life experiences to call on in difficult times. But you also have the bounce back gift of youth. Every aspect, like every coin, has 2 sides. Always try to find and express the positive one when you are presented with a challenge. If you can't - soldier on the best you can; the challenge will eventually pass.

I make my measurements in true body positions in space i.e., right ascension.

Attached is my natal chart located to where I have lived most of my life. This location has moved the Asc closer to Mars and the MC closer to Neptune (the most elevated planet in my chart). Neither placement would normally be thought of as easy. I was offered my own radio show here.

In addition Saturn sits on my Jupiter, is exactly to the minute square Pluto and square the Sun within a degree. The Sun is thus opposed by Pluto within a degree.

In various locations I excelled scholastically and in HS sports. Was approached by a Hollywood talent scout about signing with a major studio. Had the plant superintendent of a Fortune 500 company call a meeting to see why I was leaving when I tendered my 2 week notice (I was just a factory worker at the time). Was hand picked over others who had more seniority than me to handle special correspondence for a Division Commanding General. Was accepted into a program that only about 1 in every 300 interviewees were making it into. Discovered and developed a great timing tool (my progressed lunar return technique) in astrology. Something no one else had done in thousands of years (It was done in this relocated chart location).

When this city had the highest unemployment rate in the country I got work through a temp agency. I worked under 3 different foremen who only saw me work for 1 day each. The company was not accepting job applications. While on my lunch break working for the 3rd foreman the 3 of them came to me and said they had arranged for the receptionist to give me an application to fill out that they would then take to the company meeting in the morning to get me hired. I had made a very good impression on those 3 foremen in just 1 day of work for each.

I talked to many young working girls (prostitutes) who came into the store where I finished up my working days when they came in crying from being abused. Over time 3 of them came in (dressed nicely and with cleared up complexions) and thanked me for being an influence to help them change their lives (by far the greatest accomplishment of my life).

All of this is just to show that a chart with many aspects that would be considered difficult or unlucky does not prevent one from having or making positive achievements in life.

I have had difficult times also, just like everyone else. Saw one of my brothers run over and killed when I was 9. Was often beaten by my mother with whatever she could get her hands on. Lost my family when I was 14 through divorce and I went to a foster home while my brother and sisters were sent to an orphanage (I had been their protector shielding them from terrible fights in our home, and made simple meals for them when our mother was not around). 2 marriages that ended in divorce (wives having affairs - I was a workaholic).

Do your best to accept difficulties you cannot change and work hard to change the ones you might be able to. Do no harm. If you want to have friends, be a friend. But not a doormat.

Best to you.

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