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Re: Can Astrology predict the end of the World?

That's one of the questions that astrologers have always tried to answer. The idea of "doomsday" comes from the remembering of the ancient flood, that is a story present in almost all ancient myths. Plato, Aristotle, and many others before and after, all talked about a hypothetical "end of the world", and they're somewhat the basis for every astrological discourse. Doomsday was back then called "The Great Year", and astrologers tried to predict it, obviously, they've always been wrong.

The Thema Mundi was born around those ancient times, but it has nothing to do with an hypothetical "birth of the world". As pointed out, it doesn't respect a factual positioning of the sky bodies, so it's not a chart.
The Thema Mundi is actually one of the oldest pieces of schematic astrology we have. It explains where the planets have their domiciles, nothing more. It's a didactic piece, not a revelation.
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