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Re: Can Astrology predict the end of the World?

Originally Posted by AJ Astrology View Post
The End of the World would not happen until at least 4 Billion years from now, when the Milky Way Galaxy starts colliding with the Andromeda Galaxy.

I suppose Earth could be eaten by a drifting Black Hole that passes through the Solar System.

I would be pointless and a waste of time to predict the End of the World, since you won't be around to witness it, and neither would anyone else.

But the World could end by other ways too, couldn't it? Not just Astronomical way - movement of Galaxies and Black holes.

There might be all out Word War III with Nuke weapons, there are also possibility of Yellow Stone in USA erupting, and weather changes either into ice age, or heating up ... etc several possibilities for the End of World.

Surely Astrology should be able to predict that?
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