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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

Originally Posted by ALRESCHA View Post
I beg your pardon, but, there is no snake.

How can you ever achieve अहूँ if your mind doesn't perceive the words well?

A great poet once wrote:

Is it true what's written in Kalevala:
The hand that provides is always above the hand that receives?
Is it true what they say in Basra:
Love is like a shadow,
If you run after it you will never catch up with it,
If you turn your back on it, it will follow you?

and then he explained:

Love is like strength: the more you use it, the more you’ll have it.

If you pull the rope, the bull sits and the magic is: it doesn't know why. Once you relinquish passion (attachment in my case), the bull follows. One must understand how the Buddha mind and the animal nature are the same.

Haven't you ever tried to contact any Arabic Astrologers? They have the list of the parts, they have the explanations. They still keep this ancient knowledge and it is a regular practice in the East for the people to go to their imam to have them read when to do what?
The snake is allegorical, the saying an aphorism.
What I wrote is in agreement, or confirmation, of your statement, or observation that perhaps you are trying to rush along your spiritual progress too quickly as given by a renowned and celebrated yogi of the Sanatan Dharm and disciple of a very beloved and respected Guru.

Is English a second language to you, as you seem unable to grasp some manners of speech, some of the colloquialisms and idioms, for two examples, that we Americans will often use?

I have no need to contact any astrologers, period. The lessons come when I need them. My mid haven and Part of Fortune share the same sign and degree, the 25th degree of Leo. As the M.C. is the "HOW" of a spiritually interpreted chart axis, and the Part of Fortune gives symbolic indication as how to best produce the most fortunate circumstances and, or conditions, to achieve my destiny, accomplish my dharma to do my sadhana the best manner to facilitate the most fortunate conditions to from which to proceed as to ''HOW"
To have ones Part of Fortune conjunct their mid have is considered to be among the most auspicious of signs to find on a natal chart as the method and the means are one and the same.

The symbolism for the 25th degree of Leo is by Rudhyar's analysis and estimation said to be: [ibid.]


Self-sufficiency in the face of a long and exhausting adventure.

The camel here represents a living organism that is able to sustain itself independently of its environment at the start of a trying journey. (The original formulation of the symbol did not refer to 'a man on camel back'.) The organism carries within itself what is absolutely needed for survival. At the deeper human level 'of consciousness it is easy to see the value of self-reliance and self-sufficiency as one enters the occult Path leading to a more dynamic and more inclusive realm of existence.

The camel carries water within its body, and it is said that the dromedary is able to utilize the matter stored in its large protuberance as food. The suggestion here is that in order to be released from bondage to the 'old world' we should be completely self-contained emotionally; having absorbed the mental food which this old culture has given us, we are ready to face 'the desert', nothingness, Sunya . . . until we reach the 'new world'. We need
TOTAL INDEPENDENCE from our surroundings and utter SELF-RELIANCE. "

As you can see, I was born to find my own way, when I see truth I know it, I can recognize what works and what doesn't and I'm not bound to any tradition in so that I have to honor it.

Astrological knowledge, technique and understanding had become terribly corrupted hundreds of years before the Arabs were even introduced to the subject. Most that recognize its corruption agree that it happened even before the Hellenic period of Greece. I say it happened even long before then. The Arabs studies and influences were mostly limited to the eighth and ninth century when they overran the ancient remnants of the Byzantine Empire which existed almost entirely during the time known as the "Dark Ages" when humankinds' knowledge and achievements were at their lowest measure and output in all of known recorded history.

By then the ancient astrological knowledge that was still mostly intact and uncorrupted during the peak of Egyptian and Babylonian culture had been fragmented and mixed with practices from many cultures far more ancient, Chaldean, Mesopotamian, Assyrian, Hermetic, Magian, Vedic, Aristotelian that were corrupted or partially lost when those civilizations were overrun which the Greek, Alexander was mostly responsible for and the Arabs got a great deal as to what Alexander left as a legacy from the Byzantines but Alexander was a very corrupting influence, though few recognize it. His first edict upon conquering any civilization or empire was "Abolish the Sun Cults and kill all of its priests."
The Sabian Symbol for the 20th degree of Leo is one of Zuni Indians Performing Sun Rites. From the ancient Sun Cults came the greatest knowledge of how the Spiritual and Astrological knowledge were one.
Sigmund Freud identified the Hebrews as being that of the old Aton religion of ancient Egypt and Edgar Cayce in turn said that the Aton belief system and knowledge came to Egypt with the sinking of the last remnants of Atlantis due to the actions of the Atlanteans that practiced a different belief system than that of the Aton. they were know as the Sons of Belial and it was because of they're actions that God destroyed Atlantis and scattered what was left of its people. Those of the believers and followers,the faithful of the Aton went into Egypt, this is one reason why the Tanakh is called by some Jews today as "The Big Book Of Hebrew Astrology", because it actually is to a Rabbi practiced in the use of the Kabbalah and knows how to interpret and extract that information.

The the Arabs took many of the sciences they found in the countries they overran and had the foresight to recognize the value of knowledge and continued on with what fragment s of these studies they had to work with.
It was the Arabs during the middle of the Dark Ages that linked together India and Europe, mostly through Spain but they used Horary astrology almost exclusively, the few recognized authorities they had, Albumassar [ninth century] his teacher Al-Kindi, whom translated Aristotle into Arabic and al-Biruni [tenth and eleventh century] whom was a Moslem but is said to have been of Zoroastrian or Magian ancestry out of Persia did travel extensively to study math and astrology in India but is said to have demonstrated very little understanding of what he saw and extensively recorded and wrote on.

That those three renowned Arabs left as their legacy is what became modern western astrology since being spread in Europe in the 13th - 14th century but was then further corrupted, or at the least stymied from making any growth or advances by the "Humanists" in Europe that had become so influential by the mid 15th century.

This is the same Astrology that is prevalent in the Occidental world presently and that I've been trying to rectify for the last 32 years...

That's why I really would rather not consult any current Arab astrologers nt to mention that my chart I produced and contend is the natal birth chart of the man from Nazareth disproves some of Mohammed's allegations that he was nothing more than a prophet. In fact it kind of blows them out of the water so to speak and thus I doubt if we would get along in the first place as to this subject of astrology. Other than that the few Moslem friends I have and I get along just fine... we just don't discuss religion or astrology when we get together.
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