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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

Yes, that is what I do, and Saturn made me walk the path alone so that I would learn the way to lead.

The deeper meaning, the one known only to me is what I shared here. I failed to preserve the deer in better conditions, so he's making me do it again, and he knows what he can make out of my task, I if succeed, so, this time the conditions are harsh.

I did a terrible thing that I shouldn't have. Maybe, if I didn't, that other person would have been happy now.

But there is still time.

Maybe I should have stuck to the idea of becoming a monk.

Thank you and I apologize once again, you are right, people could benefit from long posts.


The day I was born, two saints are celebrated here, those who got married and agreed to part to different monasteries. I should have done that. Other than failing to preserve what I have found a treasure in this life, and using it for what is related to mundane (killing the first one to wear robes), and then being banished to a mountain to try to preserve it again, I must add the following:

The taming of the bull by Kakuan and other masters. In Rinzai master's Kakuan version of the work, there are 10 stages one undergoes to unite with the original Buddha nature by dealing with the ego.

What I have visualized is a peaceful deer that quietly follows the man that is a little tired. The deer never leaves his side, but he must watch just in case.

That is taming the physical, establishing control over one's lower nature by minding it at all times until it starts to follow. In order to achieve this, one must unite the lower nature of the animal with the superb consciousness. The spiritual growth cannot come from aggression, so it must be abolished in order to avoid dominance, destruction or concurring, but one rather needs to harmonize the two natures. Hence, abolishing the ego is wrong at this stage.

As a thought goes, another one follows, and another one after that, until an endless train of thoughts is evoked. Through enlightenment, all is transformed into the truth, and the false is confirmed when confusion overpowers the mind. Things pressure the mind not because of the objective world, but because of the self-deceptive mind. One must not stop seeking.

S. Zh.

Apparently, what I am doing wrong is trying to relinquish the ego forcefully.

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