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Re: The Part of Hidden Identity

Originally Posted by ALRESCHA View Post
Thank you for opening this thread.

I'll post what it is, nobody ever reads mine anyway, there's not much purpose in hiding.

Maybe I'll get some more useful information, though I already understand, so, according to the time my mother provided, I'm Cancer 3.
I'm sorry that I had to use your post as an example, but your reply is a bit ambiguous. I also don't know if you are looking for a reply from me or just making a statement "for the record" so to speak.

It would be nice to hear what you make of the Sabian Symbol for the degree your Part of Hidden Identity, aka Part of Oration, is found in. Or if you are not a believer in the Sabian Symbols, or perhaps not yet convinced of their veracity, perhaps any observations as to transits or progression involving the Part from your natal Horoscope?

And besides all of that, once you post the description of the Sabian Symbol for your Part, I, and the other members, will know for sure exactly which degree it is that you did refer to.
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